DreamBreeZzz Mattress Review & Unboxing

dreambreezzz mattress review

As a mom, I’m always looking for the best for my little man. He’s a bundle of energy and pure joy, but he also has hemophilia B, a life-threatening bleeding disorder. Because of this, we’ve co-slept since he was born to keep him safe and … Read more

Best Baby Sleep Products – 9 Essentials for New Parents

Best Baby Sleep Products

I can’t think of a single aspect of becoming a parent more complex and confusing than understanding baby sleep. I get it because I know what kind of information is out there. There’s a lot of conflicting “noise” that raises more questions than it answers. … Read more

How to make a Pack n Play more comfortable

baby awake sitting in pack n play

Even though some babies are perfectly fine with the mattress that comes with your pack n play, many find the original mattress pad uncomfortable. Most parents will agree that pack n plays are sold with a mattress pad that is safe yet feels a tad … Read more

7 Month Old Sleep Schedule Ideas

Seven months is the time of great achievements in your little one’s development. Our son could already roll from side to side, fully sit up unassisted, and even made the first bold attempts at crawling across the room. But we were a bit lost when … Read more

Where should baby sleep when traveling?

SlumberPod review

With a newborn baby or infant, traveling is no longer the same as before. From all the baby gear you’ll have carry, to the fatigue associated with traveling with an infant or toddler, It’s just not that easy or relaxing anymore. There are however ways … Read more

SlumberPod Review – The Best Baby Sleep Travel Accessory

The SlumberPod still stands as my favorite baby accessory EVER. I love pulling out my SlumberPod when I’m away from home for the simple reason that my son loves sleeping in it. Thanks to the SlumberPod, I am able to enjoy traveling again! The SlumberPod … Read more

Can baby sleep in the bottom of the pack n play

Can baby sleep in the bottom of the pack n play

Pack n’ plays are handy little devices. They serve many different purposes; from changing table, to portable playard, to newborn bassinet and even a temporary toddler bed. Most of these pack n play functions are pretty straight forward, but when it comes to safe sleep … Read more

How to make your Pack n Play dark enough for sleep

How to make your Pack n Play dark enough for sleep (4)

If you’ve ever had to room-share with your baby in a hotel or away at a family member’s home you know it can be a struggle to give your baby the comforts of home while on the road.  Babies need (and love) a dark, cozy … Read more