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My name is Paul, and I love nothing more than being a Dad. But not just any Dad. I want to be the BEST dad out there. I’m a test engineer by trade and am committed to finding the best gear, life hacks, and pro tips that help make parenting so much fun!

Here are my favorite tips and tricks to help you and baby get some much needed sleep.

Baby swings and rockers are great devices that serve to keep babies safe and calm. They also give us parents some much needed hands-free time.

Baby bassinets are a must for newborns and parents. Bassinets are safe, compact, functional and they make parenting easier.

I love baby carriers because I can care for my babies while getting things done. Babywearing is practical and fun for parents and babies.

I test and review baby gear so you don’t have to. Check out my detailed reviews and find out more about my favorite baby gear.

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