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Welcome to Upside Dad!

My name is Paulo, and I love nothing more than being a Dad. But not just any Dad. I want to be the BEST dad out there. I’m a test engineer by trade and am committed to finding the best gear, life hacks, and pro tips that help make parenting so much fun!

We focus on three main areas of life as a new parent:

All the everyday life stuff. Things like sleeping, eating, playing, diapering and so much more. If you have a new baby in the house, your life is about to change. Everything is a new phase and every phase is different.

Whether you’re flying, taking a train or just driving to grandma’s – any kind of travel can be challenging and scary for new parents.

Staying active and in shape is never easy, and it doesn’t get easier once baby arrives. We love working out and have found some really clever ways to do it while still caring for your little one.

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