Hi there, I’m Paul – the founder of Upside Dad. I’m an Engineer, a certified trainer and most importantly a Dad!

As a Dad I’m always thinking of ways to make life with babies a little bit easier and more fun! Becoming a parent has been the most fulfilling and eye opening time in my life but I have to admit it’s not always easy!

I’m on the pursuit of finding the balance between being the best parent I can be while also continuing to participate in the activities that give me great pleasure. Working out, travelling, going for walks, BBQ’ing, even getting a full night sleep are all still possible with a little one. In fact, many activities are now more fun than ever!

So please join me on this amazing ride. Let’s discover all that’s possible with baby. Let’s discover our passion, let’s be amazing parents — let’s not have to choose between the two.

Meet Our Team of Baby Sleep Experts!

Bridget Jensen, Canadian Director of the Association of Professional Sleep Consultants

Bridget Jensen is a baby sleep expert and Canadian Director of the Association of Professional Sleep Consultants. She is dedicated to helping people get the rest they need, so they can feel at their best during the day. She is the founder of Better Bedtime, a full-service sleep consultancy based in Ontario, Canada.

Kayla Squier, BScN, CBE, Certified Sleep Consultant

Kayla is a mama of two littles, each born during the Covid-19 pandemic. Prior to becoming a mom, she worked as a Registered Nurse for 12 years. Now as a Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant, she owns and runs Serenity Sleep Consulting full time.

After having her first baby, sleep deprivation hit hard. She was desperate for rest and knew she needed to focus on establishing a healthy sleep foundation. Kayla researched infant sleep and started to focus on what she likes to call Sleep Shaping. Her son went from waking every hour to sleeping 4-5 hour stretch, followed by 6-8 hours, and eventually 12 hours at 3 months of age. This method has turned into her signature service, it allows her to provide education and tools to help families with newborns. She also works with those who have babies 4 months upwards of 4-5 years.

We all function at our optimal level with a full night’s rest and Kayla loves to support parents in this journey!

Alison Macklin, Child Sleep Consultant

Her educational background is in Psychology and Sociology but her passion for the world of sleep began years ago when she became a mom. Her daughter wasn’t born a natural great sleeper and it became increasingly difficult to put her to sleep. Some nights she wouldn’t fall asleep until 6 am! Alison was exhausted and at wits end. She felt like she had tried everything under the sun to get her daughter to sleep and was left helpful with a crying, overtired baby that just wouldn’t sleep.

After doing some research, Alison sought out the help of a knowledgeable sleep consultant and it was a life-changing experience. Her daughter went from being chronically overtired, to falling asleep independently in her own crib and sleeping through the night. She went from feeling terrible knowing she wasn’t getting the proper sleep she needed, to overjoyed seeing her peacefully sleeping on her own, through the night and on schedule for naps in just a matter of days.

Since that game-changing experience, Alison has been hooked on learning everything there is to know about pediatric sleep. Her mission became to help as many families as possible avoid going through what she went through.

Chloe Waller, Certified Infant Sleep Coach

Chloe started her journey to becoming a certified Infant Sleep Consultant and Founder of The Sleep Guide back in 2019 when the broken nights, sleep deprivation and new job of being a mum herself were incredibly overwhelming. With so much conflicting advice out there, Chloe didn’t know where to begin, so she decided to hire a sleep coach to help and quickly decided to help other families as well. Today, she works with tired parents to transform their baby’s sleep using gentle, actionable sleep teaching methods to give them confidence in their little one’s sleep.

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