Where should baby sleep when traveling?

SlumberPod review

With a newborn baby or infant, traveling is no longer the same as before. From all the baby gear you’ll have carry, to the fatigue associated with traveling with an infant or toddler, It’s just not that easy or relaxing anymore. There are however ways … Read more

Why is the mattress for your bassinet so thin and hard?

The short answer to the question of why bassinet mattresses are so thin and hard is simple; Sleep Safety. However, the complete answer has a little more to it. There are other not so obvious reasons for the design and understanding them can help you … Read more

When is baby too big for the bassinet

Understanding when your baby is too big for the bassinet can sometimes be obvious and other times be pretty confusing.  Remember when your tiny newborn was so little that all his clothes were too big and his bassinet looked so spacious you could have confused … Read more