SnoozeShade Sleep Shade Pack n Play Cover Review

As the name suggests, SnoozeShade makes covers for all sorts of baby accessories to help your baby sleep on the go. These include covers for car seats, strollers of all sizes and even playards. In this review we are going to take a close look at the SnoozeShade Sleep Shade, which is a cot and pack n’ play cover that works as a darkening tent.

The SnoozeShade pack n’ play cover does exactly what it’s designed to do. It covers a standard size play yard to help you room share with your baby.

Imagine yourself away from the comforts of home, in a place such as a hotel room with your infant baby. Bed time rolls around and it’s time to put baby down for the night. The only problem is that you’re stuck in the same room. What do you do? Should you turn all the lights off and go to sleep at 7pm?

Now you don’t have to anymore!

The SnoozeShade Sleep Shade set up on a Graco Pack n play

This pack n play darkening tent allows you to put your baby to sleep in the same room as you while you go about your other activities. You can now set baby down and still keep the lights on or even watch TV without disturbing his precious sleep.

The SnoozeShasde Sleep Shade provides a safe barrier between you and your baby in any situation where you need to room share or just can’t provide a cozy napping or sleeping environment for your baby.

Specifications and details


Fits all standard rectangular playards, pack’n’plays, travel and portable travel cribs sized up to 41.3 in x 31.5 in (105cm x 80cm) when assembled, that take a mattress up to 37.5 in x 25.5 in (95cm x 65cm) – it also fits popular triangular models too


100% breathable, air-permeable polyester mesh with two roll up windows and a large opening top section.


Highly portable (it weighs just 2lbs) and so simple to use – no complicated attachments, compact and easy to transport.


Protects sleeping baby from cats, mosquitos and other annoyances and keeps baby from climbing out

Darkens control

Adjust light levels to suit you and your baby. Two side panels can be lifted or lowered to adjust light levels to suit your little one; the top panel opens partially or fully to give access to baby quickly and easily

The SnoozeShade Sleep Shade assembly on Pack n Play

Take a look at our short video showing how to install the SnoozeShade on your standard pack n play.

Does the SnoozeShade Sleep Shade work?

Yes, it works exactly as advertised!

We used this playard darkening-tent cover multiple times to put our son down for naps and even for full night sleep when out of the house and we weren’t disappointed.


Even though the perforated mesh doesn’t fully darken the sleep area, it blocks out enough light to help baby fall asleep. It also creates a visual barrier from the distractions of the outside world allowing your baby to doze off calmly.

View inside the SnoozeShade sleep shade in a bright room with all windows and zippers closed

The breathable mesh is amazing for air flow and keeps baby cool inside the pack n play as well.

All in all, the SnoozeShade Sleep Shade just works.


  • Compact for any kind of overnight travel or daytime activity.
  • Lightweight
  • Simple and quick assembly
  • Fits most standard rectangular play yards, pack n’ plays and travel cribs
  • Super breathable
  • Safe
  • Storage pockets on the side


  • It is NOT a blackout cover
  • Not ideal for babies that are able to stand up in the crib
  • No provision for camera or video monitor

The Design

The design is very simple. The SnoozeShade is a one-piece material of breathable polyester mesh that slides over a standard rectangular playard. It is designed to attach with Velcro buckles to each of the four feet.


Depending on the actual size of your travel crib, the material may be slightly loose or tights. It is a one-size fits all design so we expected that.

The two side windows provide added breathability and some ability to see inside the crib without opening the top zipper.


The upper opening is very large and covers almost half of the crib. The zipper opens the material on three sides and makes it easy for parents to place their baby down or pick them up once they are awake without having to awkwardly wiggle baby out of a small hole.


There is also a side storage pocket where parents could place anything from wipes and diapers to an audio baby monitor if needed.


In conclusion

In conclusion the SnoozeShade Sleep Shade does exactly what it advertises. It allows parent’s to safely and easily room share with their baby, while giving baby his own little private space and giving parents the freedom to go about their activities without the fear of waking baby up.

On the plus side, this pack n play cover is very small and light. It fits in any carry-on or backpack and make it super easy to bring anywhere. It’s easy to setup and take down and it’s very breathable.

On the down side, the SnoozeShade is not a black out cover and will allow some light into the sleep area. We also found it to be not ideal for babies that are able to stand up on their own inside the crib. When our son stood up his head was touching the material and he felt trapped inside which he didn’t love.

The SnoozeShade wins on portability, ease of use and air flow but may not be ideal for older babies and those needing a full blackout for a good night’s sleep.

For a comparative product, feel free to take a look at our SlumberPod review.