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The Best Vibrating Bassinets

Vibrating bassinets have become more and more popular over the years, being chosen over cribs or cradles to comfort newborn babies. Just like the rocking motion of cradles, vibrating bassinets help soothe your baby for a calmer and more restful sleep.

Here are my choices for the best vibrating bassinets available today:

ImageBest Vibrating BassinetsFeaturesPrice
Halo BassiNest Swivel Sleeper

Halo BassiNest Swivel Sleeper

  • Swivels 360 degrees
  • Lowering side wall for easy access
  • Removable bassinet
Fisher-Price Soothing Motions-Windmill Bassinet

Fisher-Price Soothing Motions-Windmill Bassinet

  • Rocks with baby’s movements
  • Super affordable
  • Nightlight and overhead mobile
Chicco Close to You 3-in-1 Bedside Bassinet

Chicco Close to You 3-in-1 Bedside Bassinet

  • Dual handle/brake and rubberized wheels
  • Portable bassinet, bedside bassinet, or changing table
  • Height adjustable
Graco Sense2Snooze Bassinet

Graco Sense2Snooze Bassinet

  • Cry detection technology
  • Three varying motion speeds
  • Soothing sounds
Baby Joy Baby Bedside Bassinet

Baby Joy Baby Bedside Bassinet

  • Adjustable Height and Tilt angle
  • Lowering side wall
  • Attaches to parents’ bed 

A bassinet is super convenient. Their compact size allows parents to fit them anywhere in the bedroom making it much easier to care for their baby while room sharing. Bassinets are also stable, protective, and the safest place for a newborn baby to sleep in. 

With the added benefit of vibrations and sounds, a vibrating bassinet makes the ideal environment for your baby. You can rest assured your baby is close by, safe, and happy in any one of these following vibrating baby sleepers.

Here is a short overview on each of the best vibrating bassinets.

Halo BassiNest Swivel Sleeper

HALO BassiNest Swivel Sleeper, Bedside Bassinet, Soothing Center with Nightlight, Vibration and Sound, Premiere Series, Pebble

The Halo BassiNest is a sturdy vibrating bassinet for babies up to five months or 20 pounds. Able to extend to the height of 34 inches, with stable feet able to tuck under a bed and needing only 32 inches clearance from the wall, it is ideal for bedside use.

Features of the Halo swivel sleeper

  • Swivels 360 degrees
  • Patented lowering bedside wall
  • Amber nightlight and floor light
  • Two levels of vibration
  • Four soothing sounds
  • Waterproof mattress
  • Machine-washable sheet

Why I Love It

This vibrating baby sleeper is called the Halo because of its maneuverability. It swivels a full 360 degrees on its base to make it easier to reach your baby from any angle.

 The patented lowering bedside wall folds down for easy baby access, keeping your baby as close as possible. The main bassinet can also detach from the base for added portability.

For a more soothing experience, the Halo comes with a variety of light and motion options. These include an amber nightlight, an amber floor light, two bassinet vibration levels, and four gentle sounds with auto shut-off: heartbeat, babbling brook, rainforest, and white noise. 

Check out my detailed review of the Halo Luxe BassiNest.

Who is It For?

This bassinet is for moms and dads who want to keep their little one close, but safely out of their bed. It’s portable, easy to work around, and fits just about anywhere. Moms recovering from an especially tough delivery or C-section will also benefit from close access to their baby.

Fisher-Price Soothing Motions-Windmill Bassinet

Fisher-Price Soothing Motions Bassinet, Windmill

If you require a bassinet that rocks and vibrates, the Soothing Motions-Windmill is the right choice. This twenty-pound unit boasts a soothing sway that gently rocks your baby to sleep, helped along by the baby’s movements.

Designed to fit a baby up to six months, it is a smaller unit but very secure and sturdy.

Features of the Fisher Price bassient

  • Gentle motion-generated swaying
  • Detachable dual-mode projection lighting
  • Deluxe overhead mobile
  • Thirty minutes of music
  • Optional motion lock
  • Wipeable sleep pad
  • Machine washable sheet

Why I Love It

This vibrating baby cradle has a rocking feature to soothe infants further. The Fisher-Price vibrating bassinet also has an optional motion lock, which turns off the swaying feature for a more stable unit.

The projected light display shines stars on to the ceiling for a sleepy nighttime glow, and the detachable projector has a double use as a tabletop soother. The Soothing Motions-Windmill is also one of the few units with an attached mobile, featuring shooting stars and a colorful lion.

This bassinet is the perfect combination of functionality and value. You can see my review of the Fisher-Price Shoothing Motions bassinet here.

Who Is It For?

Any parent who wants a more traditional bassinet will love the Soothing Motions-Windmill. It has everything a baby needs to sleep well and safely. Even after the baby has outgrown the bassinet, the detachable projector can play music and project light.

Chicco Close to You 3-in-1 Bedside Bassinet

Chicco Close to You 3-in-1 Bedside Bassinet - Heather Grey

The Close to You 3-in-1 is the most versatile bassinet on this list. It can change from a portable to a bedside bassinet to a changing table with little effort. The extended use changing table can hold up to 35 pounds.

Features of the Chicco bedside bassinet

  • Three modes of use
  • Dual function handle/Brake
  • Reversible and waterproof mattress
  • Two vibration settings
  • Six melodies plus nightlight

Why I Love It

This bassinet extends in height from 24 to 33.5 inches, depending on your needs. It is easy to place, and the wheels and brakes make for convenient and safe maneuverability.

With two baby bassinet vibration settings, six melodies, and a nightlight, the Close to You has everything you could want in a vibrating bassinet, plus included convenience and security.

Who is It For?

Mothers who expect to spend most of their recovery time in bed will significantly benefit from the Close to You. The Close to You is also a great bassinet for easy nighttime feedings. 

Any parent who prefers to have their babies close can benefit from this vibrating baby bassinet, as it is easy to maneuver to any room in your house.

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Graco Sense2Snooze Bassinet

Graco Sense2Snooze Bassinet with Cry Detection Technology | Baby Bassinet Detects and Responds to Baby's Cries to Help Soothe Back to Sleep, Ellison

The Sense2Snooze is the only Smart Crib on this list due to the Cry Detection Technology built into the unit. This bassinet allows good visibility to keep watch on your baby with its mesh walls and a detachable canopy.

Features of the Graco Sense2Snooze

  • Cry Detection Technology
  • Three different motion speed modes
  • 2-speed vibration
  • Parent Mode
  • Storage space
  • Canopy

Why I Love It

The Cry Detection Technology works to soothe the baby automatically.

First, a microphone built into the bassinet will pick up the baby’s cries. Next, the Sense2Snooze will automatically respond by providing a combination of motion, speed, vibration, and sounds to soothe them back to sleep gently. 

The bassinet will cycle through its settings until it finds one that best comforts the baby.

This bassinet also uses Parent Mode, which saves the baby’s preferred settings to make it easier for the Cry Detection to soothe them immediately.

If you’re looking for more info on this awesome bassinet, I have a hands on review of the Graco Sense2Snooze as well.

Who is It For?

The Sense2Snooze is perfect for the baby that will only sleep if rocked. Vibrating bassinets already think about the busy or tired parent, but this unit takes its responsibilities one step further.

With most other vibrating bassinets, the parent still needs to get up in the middle of the night to reset their vibrating crib if their baby wakes up. With Graco’s Sense2Snooze, it turns itself back on to soothe your baby and ensure their sleep and yours.

Baby Joy Baby Bedside Bassinet

BABY JOY Baby Bedside Bassinet, Height Adjustable Portable Crib w/Music, Toy Rack, Mattress, Straps, Breathable Mesh & Carrying Bag, Easy Folding Kids Bed Side Sleeper for Newborn Infant (Dark Grey)

Designed for babies up to six months old with breathable mesh sides and a stable structure, the Baby Joy is a sturdy and safe choice for a vibrating bassinet.

Features of the Baby Joy bedside bassinet

  • Adjustable Height and Tilt
  • Zippered side bar
  • Toy rack
  • Retractable feet with wheels
  • Fastening belt
  • Sturdy structure
  • Detachable, washable mattress

Why I Love It

This bassinet simplifies bedside care. The fastening belt helps better connect the bassinet to the parents’ bed for close contact. The zippered side bar lowers the wall to reach the baby easier.

The tilting feature means fewer spills while feeding. The bassinet can be set to various heights and adjusted so that one end is higher than the other, which provides a comfortable feeding angle for the mother and less of a chance of vomiting.

The height discrepancy from one end to the other is not so much that it upsets the baby.

Who is It For?

The Baby Joy Bedside Bassinet is an excellent choice for first-time mothers or any mother with particular anxiety. Suppose you want your baby close to you while in bed for easy feeding; this bassinet will hold them as close as possible while also keeping them safe.

What to Look for in a Vibrating Bassinet

While choosing a bassinet with vibration, there are many factors to consider. Vibrating bassinets provide added comfort but what else should you look for?

Pick the bassinet that fits you and your lifestyle by focusing on what you actually need.


Bassinets today come with a multitude of features, but not everyone needs all of them.

Graco Sense2Snooze Bassinet with Cry Detection Technology | Baby Bassinet Detects and Responds to Baby's Cries to Help Soothe Back to Sleep, Ellison

Some of the features that available today include:

  • Soothing sounds
  • Automatic cry detection
  • Smartphone App connection
  • Change table convertible
  • Height adjustable
  • Lowering side wall for easy access
  • Bed attachment
  • Wheels
  • Detachable bed
  • Canopy

And many more.

Before you decide which bassinet is best suited for your needs, you need to decide which features you want and what you want them for.


Features are great, but how do they actually help parents and babies? Do these features make your life easier? That’s where benefits come in.

Each bassinet comes with its own benefits and advantages. Some allow you to reach your baby from the comfort of your bed while others will automatically move to soother your baby.

Only you can decide which one of these meets what you’re looking for from your bassinet and how you plan to parent.

Graco Sense2Snooze Bassinet with Cry Detection Technology | Baby Bassinet Detects and Responds to Baby's Cries to Help Soothe Back to Sleep, Ellison

Maybe you prefer your baby’s vibrating sleeper to wheel around from room to room.

Taking a look a customer reviews is a great way to get a glimpse at the benefits and how each bassinet meets or misses the mark on them.


Design is important because your baby’s vibrating bassinet needs to fit where you want it and it should also look good. If space is an issue, the smaller bassinets with a narrower base width are best.

Bassinets come in all shapes, sizes and colors so make sure to choose one that fit’s with your room. Your baby bassinet will be an added piece of furniture that will remain in your room for a while.


The primary function of your chosen bassinet should reflect you and your family’s lifestyle. If you simply need a vibrating bassinet to help ensure your child’s sleep, you don’t have to look very far to find one.

But if you need a rocking vibrating bassinet or a unit that can double function as a changing table, these are also things to think about.


For each of the following categories, one bassinet from this list takes the top spot.

Smart Bassinets

The smartest vibrating bassinet is the Graco Sense2Snooze, with Cry Detection. This bassinet is a new step forward in vibrating bassinets because it goes above and beyond its duty.

Often parents struggle with newborns to get them to sleep and keep them asleep. The Soothe2Snooze is the first in line to change this struggle and give everyone a better night’s sleep.


The most luxurious bassinet is the Halo BassiNest Swivel Sleeper. This vibrating infant sleeper does everything you could possibly want! 

HALO BassiNest Swivel Sleeper, Bedside Bassinet, Soothing Center with Nightlight, Vibration and Sound, Premiere Series, Pebble

It fits close to the bed, raises high enough to access the baby, has a simple lowering wall, and the swivel feature helps to simplify care from any angle, not to mention the vibration and light options with automatic shut-off.


The Chicco Close to You 3-in-1 is a clear winner for the most versatile. With three different modes and easy maneuverability, this vibrating sleeper is great for the parents on the go. Plus, it caters to long-term use with its changing table properties.  


If you’re looking for a vibrating baby cradle, the Fisher-Price Soothing Motions is a good choice. With its rocking feature encouraged by the infant’s own motions, this bassinet acts like a cradle while still providing safety, support, and vibrations found in a good vibrating bassinet.


The best bedside bassinet is the Baby Joy Bedside Bassinet for its ability to connect directly to the parents’ bed. This vibrating infant sleeper easily becomes an extension of the main bed while also keeping the baby safe.

BABY JOY Baby Bedside Bassinet, Height Adjustable Portable Crib w/Music, Toy Rack, Mattress, Straps, Breathable Mesh & Carrying Bag, Easy Folding Kids Bed Side Sleeper for Newborn Infant (Dark Grey)

The lowering wall makes access even more manageable, and the included fasteners keep it secure to the adult mattress.

The gentle tilt feature also provides extra support for feedings and reduces the chance of spills.


Vibrating bassinets are used more and more for how easy they soothe a fussy baby. Different kinds of vibrating bassinets cater to different needs, but all in all, they will bring about a more peaceful night for the entire family.

When choosing a bassinet for your child, consider a vibrating one. They’re safe and secure, and they help your baby sleep.