5 Best Bedside Bassinet in 2020



Baby Delight

Beside Me Dreamer Bassinet

Baby Delight Beside Me Dreamer Bassinet Bedside Sleeper
  • Lightweight and folds flat for easy transport
  • Anchors to your bedside
  • Height adjustable




Smart Sleeper

Snoo Smart Sleeper
  • Automatically responds to baby’s cry
  • Soothes baby with gentle movements and sounds
  • Prevents rolling




Bassinest Glide Sleeper

Halo Bassinet Glide Sleeper
  • Height Adjustable
  • Mesh side walls lower for easy access to baby
  • Glides on floors surface or carpet 

Every parent wants to keep their newborn baby safe and close by during the most critical first few months of their little lives. Navigating the nights and establishing a routine can be extremely difficult and frustrating for new parents and sometimes even for experienced ones. Finding the best bedside bassinet for your needs can make the whole thing a little easier for everyone.

Traditionally, parents will set up the nursery months in advance of the birth of their child and sometimes forget that the baby probably won’t sleep in there for many more months to come. The AAP (American association of pediatrics) suggests that newborn babies should sleep in the same room as their parents for a minimum of 6 months, and even up to 12 months! This means that your beautifully decorated and freshly painted nursery will likely gather some dust for a while.

Your solution? A bedside bassinet!

Bedside bassinets are not only compact to fit pretty much any room, but they also provide your baby with a cozy and safe space for their precious sleep during the most critical time of their lives. Time and time again, research have proven that the safest place for a newborn baby is in the parent’s bedroom in a bassinet, and we know your baby’s safety is your number one priority.

We reviewed the top bedside bassinets and summarized all the important information to help make your decision as easy as possible. From the most basic to the latest technology of app-controlled bassinets, you will find a full spectrum of options to help you decide which one is the best bedside bassinet for YOU.

View the best bedside bassinets below:


Baby Delight Beside Me Dreamer Basinet and Bedside Sleeper

Baby Delight Beside Me Dreamer Bassinet Bedside Sleeper

The Baby Delight Beside Me Dreamer Basinet and Bedside Sleeper is a sleek looking bassinet loaded with many functional features that are designed to make your life easier. It is easy to assemble and to take down, making moving it around the house a breeze. Other features include breathable side walls, adjustable height and straps to attach it snugly to your bedside so there is no chance this bassinet will move even if you accidentally touch it in your sleep or bump it while getting up to go pee.

The Baby Delight is built on a light metal frame and has extendable feet for ultimate stability. It comes in a neutral grey color to match any decor.

Check out our full review of the baby delight beside me dreamer bassinet for more details.

Why we like it

  • Lowering side wall for easy access to your baby
  • Comes with straps that anchor to your bed
  • Breathable mesh walls
  • Folds down flat for transport
  • 6-position height adjustable
  • Tool free assembly

Height adjustable

Yes, 6 positions

Child weight/age limits

20 lbs or 5 months

Baby access from bed


Built-in Vibration and Sound


Our Verdict

The Baby Delight bedside bassinet has some premium features such as the collapsible side wall and the attachment straps but it still comes in at a reasonable price. It offers parents the functionality and safety they seek and is perfect for everyday use.

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SNOO Smart Sleeper

Snoo Smart Sleeper

The SNOO Smart Sleeper is THE bassinet for the parents looking to have all of the possible features and get the most of their bassinet. The Snoo was developed by Dr. Harvey Karp with your baby’s safety and sleep in mind. It detects your baby’s wake up and automatically plays sounds and lightly rocks him back to sleep.

It also comes with an app that allows you to look back at the nights to find out how many times your baby woke up. Studies show this bassinet can add hours to your baby's sleep and parents claim that the bassinet will soothe their baby back to sleep and they won’t even know it happened!

Why we like it

  • App controlled with history log
  • Automatic response to baby’s wake-up
  • Breathable mesh side walls
  • Prevents rolling risk by keeping baby on his back
  • Beautiful, modern design
  • Built in sound and motion to soothe baby

Height adjustable


Child weight/age limits

25 lbs or 6 months

Baby access from bed


Built-in Vibration and Sound


Our Verdict

The Snoo comes loaded with advanced safety and functionality features such as sutomatic built in movement, vibration and sound! This bassinet comes at a premium price but it delivers in quality, design and usability. In addition, it has been scientifically proven to boost newborn sleep by 1-2 hours.


HALO Bassinest Glide Sleeper

Halo Bassinet Glide Sleeper

The Halo Glide Sleeper is a basic, down-to-earth bassinet that has been designed with everything you and your baby need. It features breathable side walls, a stable base, it glides (as the name suggests) in and out to allow for easy access to your baby from bed and it has lowering side walls for quick and simple access to your baby from any position. The Glide is the base model of a complete series of wonderfully build bassinets from Halo, and it checks all the boxes.

This bassinet is an all-around winner that hits home with its functionality and safety features. It provides new parents with the piece of mind they need knowing that their newborn baby is safe and easily accessible any time of the day or night.

Why we like it

  • Tend to your baby from bed with the lowering side walls
  • Glide it on any surface to make getting in and out of bed easy
  • See your baby from any angle
  • Height adjustable (24” to 34”)
  • Breathable mesh side walls
  • Storage pocket

Height adjustable

Yes (24" to 34")

Child weight/age limits

20 lbs

Baby access from bed


Built-in Vibration and Sound


Our Verdict

Like all Halo products, the Glide Bassinest Series is safe, practical and offers piece of mind to new parents. You can use this bassinet effortlessly day in and day out as part of your routine without thinking twice about it.


Fisher-Price Soothing Motions Bassinet

The Fisher-Price Soothing Motions is a classic bassinet from a company that just knows baby products. The Fisher Price features natural sway motions generated by your baby’s own movements or you, the parents. The sway feature can be removed by locking it in place but it can be useful to calm fussy babies. It also has a side console that can perform multiple tasks such as vibration, a soft-glowing night light, ceiling projections as well as music or soothing sounds to help relax and put your baby to sleep. It also comes with an overhead mobile that can be removed if parents prefer to.

Assembly is fairly simple with this bassinet and parents can rest assured their baby is safe and sound while lying within the mesh walls and breathable mattress. The multiple features combined with the low price make this bassinet a great option for parents on a budget.

Why we like it

  • Sway motion created by you or your baby
  • Multi-function console with light, vibration and sounds
  • Built in mobile
  • Mesh side walls
  • Easy assembly

Height adjustable


Child weight/age limits

25 lbs

Baby access from bed


Built-in Vibration and Sound


Our Verdict

The Fisher-Price Soothing Motions Bassinet offers the feeling of a classic bassinet with the sway feature while still providing parents with today’s standards. Easy assembly and other advanced features such sounds and vibration make this bassinet a great choice.


Halo bassinest swivel sleeper premier series bassinet

Halo swivel sleeper premier series

The Halo Bassinest Swivel Sleeper is a first-class bassinet that comes in at an affordable mid-level price point. This model stands as the middle range of the Halo series of bassinets but it actually delivers the most bang for your buck. Features include the lowering mesh side wall, adjustable height, 360o swivel and the Soothing Center which comes with nightlight, 3 soothing sounds, 3 lullabies and vibration; all with a 30-minute auto shut off.

Assembly is easy and the wide base slides under your bed to allow for the bassinet to sit nice and close to you in bed. The mesh walls help you to see your baby no matter the angle as well as reach him without having to get up, allowing for an easier recovery from childbirth for mom and better rest for both parents.

Check out our full review of the Halo bassinet swivel sleeper for more information.

Why we like it

  • Tend to your baby from bed with the lowering side walls
  • Swivel the bassinet in and out of the way
  • Soothing center with sounds, nightlight and vibration
  • Adjustable height
  • Large 4-point base tucks under the bed

Height adjustable


Child weight/age limits

20 lbs

Baby access from bed


Built-in Vibration and Sound


Our Verdict

The Halo Bassinet Swivel Sleeper Premier Series swivel function makes it extremely convenient for new parents looking to minimize get ups and stay close to baby. The lowering mesh side walls allow for easy access to baby and the ability to see him from any angle.

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Best Bedside Bassinet Buyers Guide

Your bedside bassinet will be your baby’s home for the first 3 to 5 months of their lives. They are designed for the safety of your newborn and to ensure they stay close to you all night long.

When you put your baby down in your bedside bassinet you are not only trusting that this small piece of furniture will keep your baby safe and sounds, but you are also looking for it to add convenience to your life. Babies have slept in bassinets (or similar basket type beds) for hundreds or even thousands of years in some cultures.

Today’s bassinets are nothing like they were back in those day but the idea remains the same; bassinets provide a safe and cozy space for your newborn to sleep in. If you imagine putting a newborn in a full-size crib you can see how they may not like being in such a large, open space shortly after coming out of the womb. The bassinet gives them the coziness they were used to in the womb yet still being a safe environment.

Recent studies have shown that not only is your baby safer in a bassinet but they also feel comforted by sleeping near mom and dad. The cherry on top is that mom and dad feel better having their baby by the bed side, so in the end everyone wins with a bassinet.

Why use a bassinet?

By design, a bassinet is supposed to provide safety from dangers such as asphyxiation or having baby turn over get stuck is an undesirable position. With a sleeping area much smaller than a crib, the bassinet houses a newborn is a much cozier space that also limits movement minimizing the risk for your baby to turn.

The convenience of this type of sleeping arrangement comes from the many new features found in bassinets where you can have full access to you baby without ever having to get up and leave the bed. Being able to reach your baby, whether it be for a calming touch or to scoop him out and feed from the comfort of your bed is the real game changer.

When searching for a bedside bassinet consider the usability, safety, setup, build quality, footprint as well as the easy of cleaning it on a regular basis.

Everyday use

Here is something to think about before choosing your next bassinet; You will use your bassinet every single day, multiple times a day and night. The pressure is on! Imagine hating the one piece of equipment that you rely on to give your baby (and you) a good night sleep, not a good idea.

I have no doubt that your baby will wake up at nigh in the first few months, in fact I would bet that he will wake up many, many times per night. This means that you want to look for a bassinet that offers you the most comfort and convenience.

Being able to reach in from your bed and touch your baby can be life changing for both you and him. If he cries, your touch will many times be sufficient to calm him and send him right back to sleep. If that doesn’t work, you can choose to pick him straight up from the bassinet from the comfort of your bed; win-win-win situation. If this sounds like an important feature make sure to choose a bassinet that has this feature (i.e. the Halo Swivel or Baby Delight shown above)

For full convenience you can also go with a bassinet that does the soothing and rocking for you (i.e. the Snoo) but let’s be honest; most of us can’t afford that and we also enjoy bonding with our baby during those long nights 😉

In the end, when looking for your bassinet, keep in mind that this one purchase will be your and your baby’s best friend for the first few (long) months so don’t skimp on what’s important for you and how you envision your night routine going.


Ten out of ten parents will agree that safety is their number one concern when it comes to newborn babies. Newborns are so fragile and susceptible to external dangers that our top concern is to keep them safe. SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) is no longer that common in the developed world but it is still a concern and parents need to be aware of it and make the right choices when deciding how to set their baby to sleep at night.

Today’s bassinets are designed with your baby’s safety in mind but it is still important that new parents take the time to examine the details of products they are buying, especially something as important as your baby’s bed.

Look for a bassinet that is made of breathable materials. Things like Mesh walls, light cotton sheets, breathable mattresses are very important when deciding which one to choose. These features make it safe for your baby to continue sleeping and breathing even if somehow he ends up with his face against the side or facing down.

Another safety concern for parents is deciding when they should move their baby from the bassinet to the crib. Most bassinets have a weight limit of 20 to 25lbs but every single one warns that if your baby shows any sign of rolling over, it’s time to move them out of the bassinet.

Set up and Assembly

Set up and assembly in not only important for the first time you set up your bassinet. Most parents end up moving the bassinet around the house in the first few months. Whether it’s to nap your baby during the day somewhere you can see him or if it’s to take it to grandma’s house for a longer than usual visit, you may find yourself taking your bassinet down and setting it up more times than you think.

Most bassinets on our list are very easy to assemble but some take the win with tool-free assembly and fold flat functions (i.e. the Baby Delight). If you plan on being on the go or are not sure where you will end up some days (or even nights) make sure to choose a bassinet that supports that lifestyle.


How does the bassinet fit your bedroom set up? Does it take a lot of space? Whose side will it be on? Will the feet/base be in the way when you walk by at night to go pee? These are all questions you should ask yourself to ensure the bassinet you choose goes with the flow of your bedroom.

Some of the bassinet options we suggest above have a base that is designed to slide under your bed which saves a lot of floor space. Other can even slide or swivel in and out above the parent’s bed optimizing the space in the bedroom even more.


Keeping your baby’s sleeping quarters clean is important. Babies are unpredictable and can sometimes spit up or even have a blowout while in bed! That’s when dad or mom need to step up to get the bassinet cleaned up and turned around quickly so baby can get back to bed.

Make sure the bassinet you choose comes with machine washable linen and mattress and can be easily wiped in case of an unexpected spill or another kind of accident.

  Your bassinet will be the most important piece or nursery gear you will buy for you newborn. A newborn can sleep up to 14-16 hours per day so making the right choice for your bassinet can be the difference between lots of free time and lots of frustration.

Dad Tip

Always ensure the bassinet is free of loose blankets or any additional accessory or toy. For the best possible sleep conditions keep the room dark, have white noise playing at an adequate volume and swaddle your baby tight with a proper Velcro closing that won’t come loose in the night.

Other Features

Nowadays you can get bassinets with some pretty advance features. They can even detect wake ups and rock to put baby back to sleep! All that is missing is a “feed” and “change diaper” function 😉

So, with all the available technology, what’s really needed and useful for parents?


Many models now come with a console that can vibrate to calm your baby. The vibration can be a life saver for some parents but it can also not work at all (as was the case for my son). One additional feature that some models come with is an auto shut off function so your battery doesn’t get fully drained in one use.

Soothing Sounds

I am a firm believer in white noise as a form of soothing for my babies but I do not necessarily believe it needs to be attached to your bedside bassinet. You can use any sound machine or white noise machine in your room to help soother your baby. The only advantage of having it built into the bassinet is that if it is potentially bothersome for you or your partner, you should be able to keep the volume pretty low and you baby will still hear it.

If your bassinet doesn’t come with one, I strongly suggest you still get a white noise machine as it can be what helps keep your baby sleeping for longer in the night.

Night light

A built-in night light on the bassinet can be a very useful feature. If you need to see inside the bassinet in a dark room, or just do a quick check-in, the nightlights are usually very soft and non intrusive. Or you can use your cell phone flashlight function but that can be a bit harsh for your sleeping or waking baby.


Rocking a baby to sleep is one of those old-time tricks that are still used today. Babies like movement and they love rocking, so why not let the bassinet do the work?

There are two types of rocking bassinets:

  • Free rocking in which the bassinet is free to move either from external input (from the parents) or from the baby’s movements themselves. These are usually very simple designs in which the bassinet is free to sway
  • Automated rocking where the bassinet is motorized and can rock itself. This is a very advanced feature and comes at a premium price.

Free or automated rocking can help put your baby down and keep them asleep.

Did you know?

Studies have shown that babies sleep better and longer in a bassinet versus a crib. The small size of the bassinet mimics the cozy environment of the mother's womb and brings him comfort.


These days the choices of bassinets and added features are endless, and that can mean making a choice of the best bassinet for you is almost impossible. With all the choices available, new parent should always keep in mind the most important aspects to consider:

  • Safety: Stick with brands that you trust and that are safety certified
  • Size/footprint: Make sure the bassinet you chose will fit your room set-up
  • Height (Fixed or Adjustable): Select a bassinet that allows for easy access in any condition. Height adjustable options can allow for easy access from bed or standing position
  • Extras: Vibration, soothing sounds and nightlight options can be very helpful additions to the traditional bassinet