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Nuna Leaf Grow VS Baby Bjorn Bouncer: Which one is right for your baby?

Comparing Nuna Leaf Grow to Babybjorn bouncer shouldn’t be as enigmatic as people make it out to be.

Nuna Leaf Grow VS Baby Bjorn Bouncer Which one is right for your baby (1)

Any comparison I looked at while preparing to write this lacked one critical aspect – clarity.

So if I had to define my mission for this piece, it’s to be clear, concise, and leave you with zero questions.

This is what you’ll see below:

  1. A detailed analysis of the Nuna Leaf Grow – from the specs and key benefits to main PRO/CONs
  2. The same analysis of the BabyBjorn
  3. A head-to-head comparison
  4. Fool-proof list of scenarios in which one the superior choice

My bottom line is this – choosing between the two is easier than you might think…especially if you found your way here after reading forums and expert opinions.

You just need to ask the right questions…I’ll point those out and add a few that you probably didn’t know you should be asking.

Let’s do it.

About the Nuna Leaf Grow – specs, features, and PROs


The Grow is the most newborn-centric swing in the Leaf series from Nuna.

It’s the only one with adjustable recline angles, but it’s also the only one that’s not compatible with the Nuna Wind.

It’s a peppy swing that transforms into an infant chair and can handle up to 130 pounds of weight.

Specs of the Nuna Leaf Grow

Size (in inches)28.7 x 28 x 17.7
Weight (in lbs)15.4
Weight limit (in lbs)20 as swing, 130 as chair
Preloaded soundsno
Bluetooth connectivityno
Number of swing speedsN/A

Features of the Nuna Leaf Grow

  • Manual rocking – lasts 2 to 3 minutes after you set it in motion with zero noise
  • Includes a newborn insert to make it extra comfortable in those first weeks
  • The three-point harness is removable – which transforms the Nuna Leaf into a chair
  • Adjustable recline positions at three angles – the further-most recline (lay-flat) is ideal for newborns
  • All the fabrics are organic – GOTS-certified* and machine-washer-friendly
  • Wide range of available colors, including the gorgeous dusty pink for a baby girl
  • Lock-in lever – handy for feeding time

*Global Organic Textile Standard

Major benefits of the Nuna Leaf

Rugged construction

The upper weight limit is 130 pounds in toddler chair mode. To handle that, the Nuna Leaf is mounted onto a strappy metal base.

You don’t see that often in baby bouncers, swings, or rockers.

Adjustable recline angles

Unlike the two other versions of the Nuna Leaf, the Grow adjusts to three recline angles.


This makes it much more newborn-friendly than its ‘cousins.’

Noise-free swaying

There’s no electricity or motors here, so the noise level is zero. The trade-off is that it can only maintain the motion for 2-3 minutes.

Chemical-free fabrics

Safety standards for baby products in the US are pretty strict as is, but Nuna takes it a step further. All the materials that could potentially touch your baby carry the approval stamp of the Global Organic Textile Standard.

The materials are still flame-resistant, but they’re not treated with flame retardants.

In my book, that’s a massive plus.


  • Excellent value proposal – doubles as a rocker/swing and toddler seat
  • Built like a tank – sturdier than most swings are baby rockers, and it has to be to handle the 130 pounds in chair mode.
  • Great for newborns – features an infant insert and reclines into a lower angle than the Curv or the basic Nuna Leaf
  • Removable toy bar – attach it when you want to keep the baby entertained and remove it if it’s too stimulating
  • Easy to put together – most of it comes pre-assembled


  • On the expensive side – you’ll pay more than you would for your average baby swing
  • Not compatible with the Nuna Wind – it won’t give view the prolonged freedom of a motorized swing
  • Heavier than most swings – it won’t be as portable or easy to move around as the Babybjorn swing

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About the Babybjorn bouncer – how it works and compares to the competition

Specs of the Baby Bjorn bouncer

 BabyBjörn Bouncer Balance Soft
Size (in inches)31 x 15.5 x 22
Weight (in lbs)5
Weight limit (in lbs)8-29
Height positions3

Feature of the Baby Bjorn bouncer

  • Can be used as a bouncer or an infant chair
  • Up and down-swing motion is ‘fueled’ by the baby’s movements
  • Grippy rubber installed on all contact points of the base
  • Adjustable recline – three positions
  • Folds flat for storage or travel
  • The seat fabric is removable and machine-washable

Main benefits of the baby bouncer

Natural rocking motion

This is not a given in sub-par swings of this type.

The pivot point of the Babybjorn bouncer is moved forward, which allows it to maintain the kinetic energy better.

As your child grows stronger and moves more, the bouncer will become more responsive. It’s the movement of the baby’s legs that does the trick.

Versatility – a toddler chair and a baby bouncer

Up to 20 pounds of weight, this is a bouncer. Once your child maxes that out, turn the fabric inside out, and you get a comfy chair.

It’s an elegant solution that we’ve come to expect (and love) from the baby gear made by the creative Swedes at Babybjorn.


  • Two in one design means better value for money – it can be a bouncer and a chair
  • Extremely light and portable – easy to move around the house or take on a trip
  • It folds flat and packs into the handy storage back (included in the price)
  • The seat cover is easily removable and can be washed in a machine


  • Expensive for a baby swing – a nice chunk of the money is just to pay for the brand name

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Conclusions of the comparison

By this point in the comparison, you should have a clear idea of which of the two suits your needs better.

For the sake of clarity, let me take a moment to resume.

Choose Nuna Leaf over Babybjorn if…

  1. Your baby prefers side-to-side swaying to up-and-down swinging
  2. If you’re more about comfort than portability

Choose Babybjorn over Nuna Leaf if…

  1. Your baby prefers an up-and-down swinging motion to swaying
  2. You need a light swing/bouncer to move around the house or take on trips

That is as clear-cut as it gets.

Get the basics right, and there’s little to no chance of regretting the purchase because the quality is top-tier with either.

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