Can baby carriers cause back pain?

Can baby carriers cause back pain

Baby carriers are a blessing for busy parents. They let you have your baby safe and snug next to your body while your hands are free to get on with what it is that you have to do. Problem is, carrying your baby in a … Read more

Is it safe to workout while babywearing?

I know the feeling. You want to get back to working out but you have a baby to care for and it feels like the days fly by. At the end of the day you’re so exhausted and you feel there is no way you … Read more

Can you wear a baby carrier through airport security?

Can you wear a baby carrier through airport security_

Traveling with an infant or toddler is at the very least a stressful time. Since carrying an infant in a wrap, a sling or some other kind of baby carrier is known to have a calming effect on young children, parents often wonder whether they … Read more

Does a baby carrier count as carry on luggage?

Does a baby carrier count as carry on_

When it comes to taking an infant with you on a plane, I’m sure you are looking for ways and means to make the experience for both you and your child as comfortable as possible. That might entail taking a baby carrier with you or … Read more

How to squat while babywearing

Babywearing Squat cover

The squat is the single best exercise you can do, period. Whether you are using a barbell, dumbbells, kettlebells, a sandbag, no added weight at all or even your baby in a carrier, this exercise will strengthen, stretch and challenge many muscles in your body. … Read more

What can you do while babywearing?

what can you do while babywearing

Babywearing can be life changing for a new parent, but only when your baby decides to start liking the baby carrier. Babies don’t always love being in the carrier at first, but if you give him some time, he will grow to love it. I … Read more