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Best Tactical Baby Carrier

 It can be overwhelming to choose what type of baby carrier to use for your little one. It can be extra hard if you are a brand new parent that isn’t keen on the pastel colors or silly prints found on traditional baby carriers. Luckily, there is a mountain-sized pile of super nice tactical baby carriers just for those people. I love camouflage and have daily-use camo items that I take with me everywhere.

I’ve always liked camouflage, ever since I was a kid. I used to shop for clothes and my next purse at the Army Navy Surplus Store. Whether you just like camo, are a dad, or maybe even a vet, I have created a list of the best tactical baby carriers just for you! Keep baby safe and be fashionable at the same time.

These carriers are in demand and can get pricy, but I have linked the best sites with the best (current) price for purchasing each tactical baby carrier, so you don’t have to search. If you don’t mind second-hand items for your small one, you can also check Mercari, eBay, Facebook Market Place, or local parenting groups.

Bottom Line Up Front

Each of these tactical baby carriers makes an excellent selection, so choosing one that is the best is difficult for me. I firmly believe safety and comfort are the two most important features when selecting a tactical baby carrier for yourself or someone else. You want to make sure the sweet baby and the person doing the carrying stay cool and comfortable. You also want to ensure the baby can’t easily get banged around or fall out of the carrier.

That being said, the most comfortable for baby is going to be the Boppy Baby Carrier ComfyFit Black Camo. This is great for easy-going activities like light housework or a leisurely walk around the neighborhood. Unfortunately, it is just stretchy fabric, so it will not protect your baby, and there aren’t any pockets or other extras.

The best baby carrier for adventure seekers is clearly the mega fantastic WIPHA Baby Backpack Carrier – Ergonomic Child “}{Carrier Hiking with Sun Canopy. I love this idea and wish I had thought to look for this when my little guy was extra little. So if you love taking your sidekick on adventures, buy this!

best tactical baby carrier

The best overall is a bit tough since they are all incredibly similar. Still, I would have to say that looks, budget and comfort-wise, the Papa Lils Baby Carrier and Baby Gear Set – Ergonomic and Convertible Dad Baby Carrier with Dad Diaper Bag wins the day.

If you don’t have a tight budget, opt for the slightly better-made and comfort-driven Mission Critical S.01 Action Baby Carrier. You can get the backpack with a hydration bladder and tons of extras along with the baby carrier now and receive 20% off when purchased from the Mission Critical site.

If you can afford it, go for this. I don’t think you will be even the slightest bit disappointed. If this is in the budget, you can always gift it to another family needing a great-looking baby carrier once your little one outgrows it.

I love doing that because I was once in that uncomfortable, very narrow budget category, and I like helping other parents who might need a little kindness.

My Search Criteria

  • I use all reviews available to help narrow down my selection.
  • I only pick highly rated tactical baby carriers.
  • I only choose the best-looking tactical baby carriers.
  • I aim for tactical baby carriers that are made from high-quality materials.
  • I include the most unique carriers I can find.
  • Comfort is vital, so I list the most comfortable tactical baby carriers for your little one and you.
  • Pockets, straps, and extras can add value, and I have included that in my list.
  • I try to list a wide variety of tactical baby carriers.
  • I list a range of pricing in the carriers I have chosen, with the best, most affordable first.

My Top Picks

This list is ranked from best to worst. Each is a little different in price, weight, size, accessories included, and style. Some might rank these differently depending on what type of carrier they need.

I suggest having a soft wrap baby carrier like the Boppy and a travel-friendly carrier like the Mission Critical S.01 Backpack Set.

  1. Mission Critical S.01 Action Baby Carrier or Backpack Carrier Set – elite, practical, and made exceptionally well. Everything you need is all in one place. It is listed as 20% off on the Mission Critical site.
  2. Papa Lils Baby Carrier and Baby Gear Set – Ergonomic and Convertible Dad Baby Carrier with Dad Diaper Bag – another all-in-one set with a lower price tag. This one even comes with a dirty diaper smell-canceling bag! I think I’ll stick to the outdoor trashcan.
  3. WIPHA Baby Backpack Carrier – Ergonomic Child Carrier Hiking with Sun Canopy– an excellent choice for adventure seekers and their tiny offspring. This one has room for everything but isn’t for everyday use. However, this one will be hard to pass up if you love a good adventure as much as I do. It just looks so cool!
  4. TBG – Men’s Tactical Baby Carrier for Infants and Toddlers – Compact (Black Camo) – a pleasant and straightforward baby carrier without frills or extras. They are not made for large or plus-sized frames. This minimalist carrier is excellent for those who don’t need or want a bunch of extras they won’t be using. Everything in Babyland is generally over-accessorized, complete with crazy patterns and colors. This carrier is refreshing in that it’s easy on the eyes.
  5. Alpha Six Baby Carrier – All Day Comfort for Infant and Toddlers – another nice minimalistic choice if you like black and aren’t a huge person. Buckles could be uncomfortable for the baby’s face so add some extra padding around them. These carriers are all approved by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute and the ASTM.
  6. Boppy Baby Carrier ComfyFit Black Camo – I am pretty sure this one is the most comfortable for your baby and gives that body-to-body bonding that all sweet little ones love. This tactical-colored baby wrap is easily thrown in the washing machine and is small enough to carry in case you need it.

Best Tactical Baby Carriers

#01 Boppy Baby Carrier ComfyFit Black Camo

Black Camo Baby Carrier

When I first saw this carrier, I saw an instant headache. I recall how complicated I thought my soft wrap-style carrier was when my child was an infant. I could only imagine an irritated father trying to tie the carrier around himself while juggling an upset infant.

Those things can be a headache, and most dads I know are not into creative thinking. This carrier comes wrapped in place, so that’s a significant advantage! You never have to worry about remembering how to wrap this around your baby.

It doesn’t have any frills and isn’t fancy. This is a fundamental carrier made out of soft, stretchy material. I think that I would personally really like this tactical baby carrier because of its simplicity and price. Also, my little guy liked to snuggle close and be snuggly wrapped in this material.

For very small infants and preemies, this stretch fabric snuggly wrapped around their little bodies is reminiscent of being in their original home; the womb. It helps babies stay calm and feel safe.

Suitable for: 0 – 8 months or 35 pounds


  • The price is about as good as you’re going to find.
  • The material is soft and stretchy and said to be yoga inspired.
  • The color is nice. It’s not too loud and will go with everything.
  • It has a handy tiny front pocket for a pacifier or a few wet wipes.
  • It is machine washable.
  • The carrier comes with its own travel pouch for when it’s not being used.
  • This carrier also has a zippered pouch on the waist wrap.
  • The waist wrap is adjustable.
  • UVA 50 material is used on the carrier to protect your little one from the sun and the carrier from fading.


  • It only comes in one tactical color.
  • It isn’t truly a tactical baby carrier but is camo colored and simple for dads.
  • You will be pretty warm wearing this.
  • It may add to back pain.
  • If you are a more prominent framed person, this comes with an extender but doesn’t get much looser.

#02 Papa Lils Baby Carrier and Baby Gear Set – Ergonomic and Convertible Dad Baby Carrier with Dad Diaper Bag

baby Carrier and Baby Gear

This tactical baby carrier bundle is excellent for the person who needs it all; baby carrier and diaper bag! This carrier set can be worn three ways; as a baby carrier, baby carrier, and backpack, or just a backpack diaper bag. You can also have baby facing you or attached to your backpack facing outward.

The material is sturdy and waterproof. It comes with a “small parts not suitable for children under three years of age” warning, which is a little strange but likely refers to the backpack zippers. When in doubt, call their customer service number and ask.

Suitable for: 0 -3 months or 33 pounds


  • This tactical carrier and diaper bag comes with a changing pad and a small pouch that cancels terrible smells from dirty diapers.
  • Waterproof for those spills that are bound to happen.
  • The backpack can be used after baby has long left the baby carrier.
  • Molle material for the vets and rugged dads to add accessories.
  • The cross-back straps of the carrier look like they would be sturdy, lay flat, and not cause added back pain.


  • Material is not soft.
  • The nylon straps by the baby’s face may be uncomfortable for your baby.
  • It looks like you could easily make this carrier backpack/diaper bag combo heavy, and that is never good when you’re baby-wearing for hours. If you are using a stroller along with wearing the baby carrier, it’s not a bad idea to get a diaper bag you can hang on the specific clips on the stroller instead of carrying.
  • The warning about small parts not being suitable for children under three years old makes me a little nervous.

#03 Alpha Six Baby Carrier – All Day Comfort for Infant and Toddlers

Alpha Six Baby Carrier

This sleekly designed baby carrier comes with a storable sunshade, customizable patches, is Molle compatible and has plenty of strong straps and clasps to ensure your little one stays safe. In addition, it has plenty of mesh to help you stay cool and a waistband to take some of the weight off of your back. This is especially handy if you will be carrying the baby for hours. It is impressive how much a tiny eight-pound human can hurt your back!

Suitable for: 8 – 35 pounds


  • Thick waistband for added support. It fits 24 through 48-inch waists.
  • Customizable front patch area.
  • Mesh backing to keep you cool.
  • Thick shoulder straps for comfort and security.
  • Front zipper pocket for small items like a debit card or driver’s license.
  • It can be worn as forward, inward, or outward facing. *The outward-facing option is only for babies six months or older.
  • Washable liner.


  • Not intended for very heavy set wearers as the waist belt will ride up or be uncomfortable. One reviewer stated they are 6’3″ and 300 pounds, which did not fit him.
  • It only comes in black nylon.
  • Where are all the cool pockets?
  • The Baby’s face can come in contact with the uncomfortable buckles.

#04 WIPHA Baby Backpack Carrier – Ergonomic Child Carrier Hiking with Sun Canopy

Carrier for Hicking

This one is a bit of an oddball but looks incredible for the active parent who wants to go hiking or has a long day planned at a park. It looks like the packs that hikers on the Appalachian Trail carry. I can’t imagine taking an infant hiking, but I know some people who have done that. Make sure baby stays out of the sun and doesn’t get attacked by bugs.

Suitable for: 16 – 50 pounds


  • Two insulated pockets for bottles and snacks.
  • A side pocket for toys or whatever you may need.
  • The seat height is adjustable.
  • Removable drool baffle and secure straps to make sure baby doesn’t fall out the side.
  • Soft cushioned straps and baby compartment.
  • Foldable to minimize storage footprint.
  • Three-point weight distribution to eliminate carrying fatigue and pain from the pressure.
  • Adjustable to fit both parents.
  • Foldable giant sunshade for baby’s protection.
  • It is reinforced with steel to make this carrier very durable.
  • Available in four colors.
  • Equipped with a kickstand, so it doesn’t tip over when you take a break.


  • Weighs eight pounds empty.
  • Not for everyday use.
  • Baby can easily lean out of sunshade, so use sunscreen.

#05 TBG – Men’s Tactical Baby Carrier for Infants and Toddlers – Compact (Black Camo)

Black Camo Carrier

This is a nice mid-range tactical baby carrier with a bold crisis cross-back strap for comfort. It looks well made and comes in four different tactical-friendly colors. This design is said to be heat-releasing and will keep you and your baby from being super sweaty. Remember, the baby should face you until baby is six months or older to prevent hip dysplasia.

Suitable for: 8 – 33 pounds


  • Minimalist design with no frills.
  • No waist strap, which can be uncomfortable for some people. This uses a sturdy crisscross back harness.
  • Excellent reviews.
  •  Removable washable bid or sun cover depending on which way baby is facing.
  • A wider bottom design was made to avoid hip dysplasia.


  • Adjustable shoulder straps do not work with large frames.
  • The crisscross back strap puts all of the weight on your back. If you already have back pain, this may not be for you.
  • It does not have any secret compartments or nifty pockets for the extras.

#06 Mission Critical S.01 Action Baby Carrier

Action Baby Carrier

This baby carrier has an effortless and clean design which can be refreshing after constantly being around all the baby-themed patterns and colors. It is made of high-grade nylon, and the Molle system for attachments is on the front and back. The carrier only weighs 2.4 pounds, which is always a bonus.

You can also purchase a matching backpack that combines with the baby carrier to make you the most efficient you can be for $115. Diaper bags, daypacks, and other accessories can also be purchased.

Suitable for: 8 – 35 pounds 


  • Sleek design without any frills.
  • Fits waist sizes 35 – 64 inches.
  • Full back coverage is made from breathable mesh for added comfort and support.
  • Includes sunshade that can be folded away for storage when not in use.
  • Removable washable liner.
  • Leg holes for baby have a second stretchy fabric layer for added comfort and no pinching of little legs.
  • A matching daypack, backpack, and diaper bag can be added.
  • Padded side straps so baby’s face won’t bump into hard plastic buckles.


  • A bit more expensive than other competing brands.
  • Not very many camo color choices.
  • Reviews state that the carrier is not very comfortable.
  • Carrier can make you feel hot after extended use in a warm climate.


Question: What is the difference between tactical baby carriers and regular ones?

Answer: Most tactical baby carriers are geared away from the sweet feminine looks and more towards the rugged masculine types in terms of colors and accessories. Tactical baby carriers also have Molle for accessories and patches similar to Army gear. The nylon used to make tactical baby carriers is very strong military grade, as is the type of stitching. 

Question: What is MOLLE material? 

Answer: MOLLE, Modular Lightweight Load-Carrying Equipment, is used by the British Army and the U.S. Army. Its webbing is made of nylon for strength and durability. The many extra compartments are handy for your keys, baby wipes, pacifier, toys, cell phone, bottles, and whatever else your heart desires.

Question: Which type of baby carrier is the best?

Answer: This depends 100% on what you need and what type of environment you will be in. The soft wrap variety is best for comfort if you are walking around the house doing chores and taking it easy. It’s also relatively easy to empty a sleeping baby out of this carrier and into a bassinet, crib, or sleeper.

However, if you are going shopping, hiking, walking on the street, or just in public in general, the enclosed snap version is much more secure. It will protect your little one from accidental bumps, and the clasps and security measures will make you feel confident that baby will not fall out. 


The best tactical baby carrier for you is whatever you see that will suit your lifestyle and the environment you will be taking your little one into. You know best. Always follow your instincts on anything you feel might not be safe for the baby.

If you have doubts before you purchase a baby carrier, you will have doubts once you have it, too. It’s best for everyone to go with your gut and get what you feel is going to be the best choice for your little one. Not every carrier will work for every person. That said, opt for the cushioned and secure front-wearing baby carriers for your outdoor adventures.

The easy-to-use and soft fabric baby carriers are excellent for very small babies and home use. It is more comfortable for your little to rest their head on your body than to be front facing.

As your little precious gets a little bigger, they will want to check things out more and want to face forward simply out of curiosity. Make sure never to wear baby facing outward or away from you until they are at least six months old.

Most carriers are only rated up to three months, so to say you should always wear baby facing you is correct. It is safest and most comfortable for both child and parent this way. If price is what’s stopping you from purchasing a diaper bag carrier combo, check reseller sites like eBay and Mercari.

It’s also good to join local parent groups on Facebook because no parent wants to keep things their child has outgrown. You can easily score a fantastic combo carrier for a fraction of the price if you are okay with second-hand items.

I wish you the best of luck on your shopping journey, and I hope you and your little one have amazing adventures together!