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When can a baby use an umbrella stroller

A baby can use an umbrella stroller as soon as his neck muscles are strong enough to hold his head upright. This milestone happens around 4 months, but it’s not the same for all babies. Some babies can do this only at a later stage. Additionally, if your baby can sit up on his own he is ready for an umbrella stroller.

What is an umbrella stroller?

An umbrella stroller is a lightweight stroller with two handles that are curved like an umbrella stick. When an umbrella stroller is folded up, it resembles a folded umbrella (or two).

Umbrella strollers are popular with parents because they are so lightweight and collapse easily into a compact unit. Parents use it on public transport, in shopping malls, and for general errands.

These strollers are much less bulky than other strollers, they fold in a jiffy and can fit into the smallest car trunk. They are perfect for a day out on the town.

However, you can’t use an umbrella stroller for a small infant. An umbrella stroller is a great baby accessory, but your baby must be the right age to be able to use it or have reached some key milestones such as holding his head up on his own.

Can newborns use umbrella strollers?

Newborn babies and most young babies don’t have fully developed neck and back muscles to be able to sit on their own. Most babies reach this important milestone around 4 months. Of course, some babies are able to hold their heads earlier and for others it only happens around 6 months or even later.

Observe your baby closely and only put him in an umbrella stroller when he can sit independently.

What kind of umbrella strollers can newborns and small babies use?

The only lightweight strollers that are suitable for babies less than 3 months old are strollers that can fully recline. Most umbrella strollers don’t fully recline and they lack proper suspension, so they are not suitable for small babies.

When you’re looking to buy an umbrella stroller for a newborn or infant, look out for a product that has a recline feature that allows the backrest to recline completely. This feature will allow your baby to lie down horizontally where he doesn’t need to support his own head.

Strollers with this feature will serve your family from the infant stage right through to the toddler years.

For a very small baby who doesn’t have strong neck and back muscles sitting in an umbrella stroller isn’t going to be a comfortable experience. One reason for this is the fact that umbrella strollers don’t have a well-padded sitting area. Thin materials are used, which means these strollers are not as comfortable as other more luxurious strollers on the market.

When is it safe to use an umbrella stroller?

Babies who have properly developed their neck and back muscles can ride in an umbrella stroller. As soon as your baby can sit unsupported, he is ready to ride in an umbrella stroller. That milestone is usually reached from 4 to 6 months.


These lightweight strollers are easy to maneuver and just the right size for parents on the go. Most models collapse instantly with a one-step fold, and hardly take up any space. Your baby can comfortably ride in one provided he is old enough to sit independently.