When to Stop Swaddling Your Baby


Now that you’ve successfully figured out the swaddling puzzle, you and your baby are finally getting some much needed rest. Those few extra hours of sleep you both are getting are helping you get through the day (and night) and you begin to think that … Read more

Why Swaddle a Baby

Becoming a father is one of the most special and overwhelming times in life. Within the first few hours of her life you will feel every emotion ranging from immense pride to paralyzing fear. One emotion we did not expect to feel was frustration. Why … Read more

What should a baby wear under the sleep sack

baby wear under the swaddle or sleepsack

Sleepsacks and swaddles are wonderful for babies and many times become a crutch for parents who love the additional sleep they get thanks to them. So, how do you know what your baby should be wearing under the swaddle? The rule of thumb for newborn … Read more

Snoo Weaning: Transitioning from SNOO to Crib

Snoo Weaning Transitioning from SNOO to Crib

If the dreaded time of transitioning from SNOO to the crib is approaching and you’re terrified, you should know two things: You’re not alone. You’re at the right place…so, breathe. Not a week goes by without a question (or five) on the SNOO weaning popping … Read more

Can Baby Sleep in a Bouncer?

Can Baby Sleep in a Bouncer

The CAN-BABY-SLEEP-IN-BOUNCER is a question as old as the bouncer itself. Still, to date, the answers are obviously not clear enough to put it to rest. Today, I’m taking on that challenge – to answer it comprehensively, yet clearly – in a way that leaves … Read more

Can a baby swing too fast? The truth and the myths explained

Can a baby swing too fast The truth and the myths explained

There are three possible ways to answer the question – the short, the medium, and the long. The short answer is, “Yes, a baby can swing too fast.” It’s theoretically possible for a swing speed to cause a baby harm in combination with other factors. The ‘medium’ answer … Read more

Sleeping in baby swing: Bad for the spine?

Sleeping in baby swing Bad for the spine

This is not a simple question with a clear-cut answer. For three reasons: Because the effects of swings on the activation of spine muscles (Cervical paraspinal and erector spinae) are under-researched. Because a swing can affect the spinal development even if the baby doesn’t sleep in it. Because swing safety … Read more

How To Keep the Cat Out of a Crib – 10 Simple Tips

How To Keep the Cat Out of a Crib - 9 Simple Tips

Even for the feline connoisseurs, keeping the cat out of the baby’s crib without much fuss is a head scratcher. Well, I have bad news, funny news (kinda), and good news. The bad news This is not an issue you can shrug off. I wasn’t … Read more